The Things We Say

PLAYGROUNDThe areas of Social Psychology and Discursive Psychology analyse communication and interaction within the social setting; an established environment, a specific culture. One aspect of this study looks at history, and the power of that which came before us in determining the assumptions and beliefs we hold today. One example provided within this theoretical framework is sayings, and how they are repeated and passed down, possibly through many generations.

Social Psychology was quite an influential part of my studies (and a giant pain in the arse come assignment time) in expanding my view of the world, raising my awareness, for example, of what we say and how we use words, and challenging what I (and we in general) accept as being true.

I caught myself in the act of one such repeated saying lately. We were in the supermarket. It was raining out so the wee man was on his feet, giddy with freedom and making friends all over as usual. The lady by the checkout started chatting to me about how her eighteen month old hasn’t budged yet, while my eleven month old was running circles around her. “Enjoy the peace while it lasts!” I joked, rushing to grab my bits and catch up with the waddler now making his way unsupervised towards our escalator departure.

Immediately, gliding up past the mirrors, hoping it was particularly rough lighting and enjoying the lack of personal movement, I thought to myself, “Why did I say that? Again!?!”

Apart from implying his walking isn’t a good thing, the notion about peace isn’t even true. Parenting has never been as peaceful as sitting on my laurels in an empty playground (or slowly following in a busy one), as my independent little man does that which he wants and loves – explores uninterrupted – leaving me with little else to do but enjoy the heat of the sun, or the oozy goodness of a Cadburys Caramello in the drizzling rain, the spotlight and 10kg off me for a change.

Maybe next time I’ll talk more about the joy and less about the non-existent peace coming to an end. But for the moment my shop errands are being ignored – I’m too busy at the playground, dribbling chocolate and hanging out with all the other movers and shakers. My toddler’s there too.

**Please note this post was written on a particularly good day. Future opinions cannot be guaranteed at this point**

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