So You’re Saying That’s A Bad Thing!?

30 ROCKI’ve recently discovered 30 Rock and I LOVE IT. So much so, that I have to SHOUT about how much I LOVE IT.


Anyway. I started watching it because I read Tina Fey’s Bossypants – thank you internet decluttering – which, of course, I also loved.

Now I know I’m extremely late to the party – I think it started in 2005. 2005! (That one’s more difficult to shout.) But nevertheless, it has inspired today’s blog post (along with inspiring a lot less work in general while I spend my evenings glued to the telly like a grinning idiot).

Up until now, the funniest bit for me was the Oprah impression; Liz Lemooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn. That nearly made me pee my pants, and I have excellent bladder control FYTMI (for your too much information). I thought my heart might give out at the clasping of fingers greeting and shaking the hands about in the air with joy.

Maybe it was so funny because it was so spot on. Or maybe it’s because Oprah is a god of sorts (or the god?). But the thing about this show is, no one escapes ridicule.

And I feel thrilled and honoured, totally accomplished and in no way embarrassed to be included in such a fine firing line…

Jack’s facial expression is priceless when describing my life to a tee, as a serious warning to Liz about how dreadful her life could be. “You’ll be moving back with your parents and self-publishing that novel!” (Possible slight paraphrasing. Definite accurate slating.)

If I thought I had laughed before, this scene showed a whole new level. A wild boar may have been trying to break free from my body along with the guttural roars escaping me.

And I wasn’t getting any sympathy from the ball and chain – he laughed louder than I’ve ever heard him, looking to me and banging my thigh as his face shone bright, not quite needing to point from me back to the telly repeatedly as the hilarity increased.

And yes, while it was quite a few years ago that I moved back with the folks to write my first novel, Cake or Death, I’ve still not quite “made it”. To say the least 😀

But my god Tina makes me laugh about it.

Now I must wrap up. While I believe both Tina and I are involved in legal contractions to spend our lives with third and fourth parties, I do feel it would be remiss of me not to proposition the great lady in some way. Maybe she and her family could come and live with us here. Or better still, we could join them; chances are their place is slightly bigger than ours.

Either way, I’m sure her apartment has wifi too, so I’ll take my laptop along and keep you updated on the progress of our friendship.

Want to read more? Why not check out my novels and stay comfy on that couch. 


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