Pineapple: Clear Skin, Tasty Snack

CLEAR SKIN PINEAPPLEEr…that’s it really…

But I suppose if I’m going to call myself a blogger (though right now I’m leaning more heavily towards a “Chocolate Taster” title), I will go ahead and expand on the situation for your mind-boggling-amount-of-internet-information pleasure.

Word on the Google street is that pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain which is great for skin, beauty, well-being and cartwheels.

Rubbed directly on your face, the fruit enzymes are a natural exfoliant, cutting through sebum and loosening dead skin cells, ready to be sloughed off upon stepping into that steaming shower to rinse your now sticky, possibly slightly itchy face. (Or you could exfoliate by brushing your face.)

Alternatively, if hungry, pineapple can be treated as a food! Slop it into some organic full-fat natural yoghurt for extra taste sensation, added calcium and protein, not to mention (except I’m mentioning) the gut-healthy probiotic cultures swimming around in this creamy goodness. A healthy digestive system means you’re on the right road to beautiful, clear, glowing skin, as well as great health in general.

Whether it’s the bromelain, the fibre, the raw food, the various other nutrients, the exercise resulting from the increased energy of a healthier diet or just plain old black magic, I always find pineapple gives my complexion a boost and clears up any misbehaving pores, taken inside or out. (It’s always inside really, I’m hungry, I won’t lie.)

I hope it works for you too :)

**I am not sponsored by pineapples**

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