Orange Heaven

ANTIGRAVITY YOGAI know you think I’m talking about Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but I’m not. I’m not even talking about dark chocolate with orange crispy bits. In fact, I’m not even talking about chocolate.

It’s these hanging, hugging, private, comfy, cosy meditation homes. I want to sleep in one, and eat in one, and just sit back and melt, sending all my skeleton bones and muscles on a well-earned holiday, as they are clearly not currently needed. Continue reading

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Quick & Easy Hummus Recipe: Mmmm Garliiiiiiiiick

HUMMUS RECIPEI go through phases of eating hummus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper…bathing…what?

But that’s no bad thing. This delicious, creamy, filling, smooth mover is bursting full of goodness. Raw garlic is antifungal, nature’s antibiotic and great for garlic breath. Chickpeas are high in protein, olive oil = healthy fats, tahini holds all the goodness of sesame seeds (hmm?), and lemon; vitamin C ahoy, as well as being Continue reading

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Scheduling: The Only Way Shit Might Get Done

SCHEDULE“If you want something done, ask a busy man!”

That’s what they say. I accidentally said this to the graphic designer friend who’d just agreed to work on my next book cover on her own time, despite being both busy in her day job and with other clients.

“Ha,” she laughed, coughing on her water and wondering how to get out of this already shite arrangement. Continue reading

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Green Smoothie Madness: A Happy & Healthy St Paddy’s Day!

GREEN SMOOTHIEHappy St Patrick’s day!

If, like me, your diet is in severe need of a health boost, and probably one to five less Lindt Lindor chocolates for breakfast, then this is your lucky day.

If you can feel lucky about eating spinach rather than Lindor chocolate for breakfast, that is.

We’ll start with a Top Tip: When blending a Continue reading

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A Day At The Spa

CANDLE SPA SHOWEROr was it just a ten minute shower?

I particularly love showers. Especially relaxed evening showers where you spend three hours completing three minor grooming tasks while continuously rubbing the body moisturiser in, yet you’re still oily and sticky climbing into bed. But oh-so-melty and happy and at peace.

I don’t really have evening showers much these days though; I’m a morning shower Continue reading

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Are You This Woman?

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HALL DOORMy novel, Cake or Death, follows the journey of a young woman, Grace, as she leaves her abusive husband and returns to the safe-haven of her quirky family and a healing environment, allowing her new life to slowly unfold.

Many women don’t have this cushion of love and support. Many women have the added, huge responsibility of children. Even pets, and the concern for their wellbeing can be an obstacle to a woman escaping an abusive Continue reading

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Charity Pot As Hair Cream: That’s Lush!

CHARITY-POT-LUSHI didn’t moisturise my face for ages – years! Then I popped a sprog and my skin changed; seems I couldn’t take in enough fat and oils even with a 24/7 intravenous setup. Although I didn’t actually attempt this. I just used a 24/7 intra-mouth arrangement. Because my mouth is far bigger than any vein. But this still failed me. The solution I found in the fabulous Antipodes minis.

However, despite a dry face causing me to slap on as many creams and butters and oils Continue reading

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Shhh…Do You Hear That?

TEA BREAKFrankly if this was asked of me, the only response in my head would be “Yes I hear you shushing me you bossy cow.” But the “Shhh” here isn’t actually shushing anyone. It’s the Shhh of Bjork’s It’s Oh So Quiet song…which is followed by those very words.

Because it’s oh so quiet here!

Yes I can hear the angels singing, the sopranos joining in and the chorus getting louder…but not a single peep out of a baby Continue reading

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Is It Because I Brought Up Whores With The FIL?

BLACKI’m thinking of doing a Top Tips post. Maybe even a weekly Top Tips post. I keep coming up with incredibly brilliant discoveries in life that I just know others could benefit from. For example, I randomly found out that the lid of the teeny Le Creuset dishes fit perfectly on a mug of tea. Between this and Winter Fruits arising, these adorable gifts are getting great use after nearly two years of barren existence beyond very dusty decoration. What new mother couldn’t do with a hotter cup of tea? Continue reading

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Stock Up: Simple Tasty Easy Healthy

STOCKHomemade stock is the new black, in case you haven’t heard. I can’t roam off on one internet-browsing accidental time-wasting session without coming across yet another reason why this should be reintroduced as part of our modern-day diet.

Apart from the fact that it’s deliciously tasty and healthy, it’s so handy, just sitting there, waiting to be sloshed into anything in the making. Some people keep a constant batch, which apparently they like to call Perpetual Continue reading

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