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When thirty three year old Alex Flynn finds out she’s pregnant, just weeks after breaking up with her handsome-but-dull ex-boyfriend of just a few months, she thinks things can’t get any worse. Turns out, she was wrong. 

For a start, tagging along to a work event with Sam; her flatmate and bestie, under the guise of helping out, sees the beginning of a pitiful and consuming crush which is obviously doomed from the off. 

Then the shock of her early scan nearly leaves her with post-traumatic stress disorder; the recovery of which is swiftly followed by ex-boyfriend Daniel’s inconceivable confession, not to mention the responsibility of possibly causing her disapproving mother to drop dead when she eventually hears all her daughter’s scandalous news. 

Alex does her best to get her rocky emotional state under control and her new life in order. But really it would be so much easier if that irresistible crush would stop rearing his gorgeous head…

   Another great read from Sarah Rielle…I loved the banter between Alex and her best friend Sam, they had me laughing out loud. This is a lovely story about pregnancy, friendship, romance and love, also a lot of food…It will leave you wanting more.

   Having read Sarah Rielle’s first novel, Cake or Death, I was really looking forward to seeing her next publication…I am glad to say it was worth the wait. This is an extremely enjoyable read, full of fun, laughter and of course tears with a subtle romantic theme weaving its way throughout the book…hurry up Ms Rielle and give me the follow on.


Cake or Death

When Grace decided to enlist the help of her parents in leaving her abusive husband, she hadn’t realised she would be forbidden to change her mind.

Stranded in the Irish countryside of Kildare, recuperating, with only an overprotective hound for company, Grace did her best to deal with the awful news the hot doctor had delivered.

Hoping to just quietly waste away, she wasn’t expecting to reconnect with her family and discover unexpected, yet deeply healing friendships in her new surroundings. She had been so ashamed to bear her truth to people, but as it turned out, they all seemed to be dealing with issues of their own…

   “A book that can cover the frightening topic of marital abuse and still make the reader laugh out loud on lots of occasions demonstrates a rare talent! Sarah Rielle is a very talented author and I cannot wait to laugh along with the characters from her next book.”

   “Sarah Rielle’s first novel is heart wrenching and emotional covering a very harrowing subject, that of domestic abuse. However, the healing process for Grace is done with wit, laughter and family support. A great read, I could not put it down.”

   “I have just finished reading Cake or Death and can highly recommend it…This book will have you crying, laughing and always craving cake.”