I’ve Been Uh…

CAULIFLOWER CHEESEMy name is Sarah and I’m addicted to cauliflower cheese. And books.

Bossyboots is gone for his nap and when faced with this time to myself, I thought, I really should write a blog post. I haven’t blogged in two weeks. I wondered who I could blame for this. Then I wondered if I should actually grab my Kindle, lie down and download another book by Jojo Moyes.

There you go. That’s the first person I can blame for my absence.

Then I realised I’m starving and wondered about how much cauliflower is in the fridge.

But shockingly, despite dreaming of novels and cheesy goodness, I forced myself to pick up my laptop and work. It is Monday after all. Though apparently that word hasn’t fazed me the last three Mondays, as it turns out I haven’t actually blogged in three and a half weeks.

I’m not sure if I’m appalled or impressed.

I asked myself what I’ve been doing, you know, besides playing catch with a toddler, not really cleaning the house very well, and making cauliflower cheese. Gotta tell ya; not a lot else I could come up with.

My mind wandered back to a new Jojo Moyes book. You see I finally started reading Me Before You on Saturday evening when himself (fruitlessly) took the wee man for a walk in the hope of convincing him to sleep for a change. I barely stopped reading until 12.30 last night when I reached the end. You see that’s the problem; once I like a book I cannot stop. I didn’t wash, dress, move…

My little heart is one year old now and he went happily off with his Dad yesterday for a day of adventure. Did the child get fed? I have no idea. Did my eyes pour, my head ache and my heart sing with joyful addiction? Yes. (Except for the mild, passing disappointment that I didn’t [couldn’t] write it. Maybe one day.)

I read a warning the other day that you are what you share online. This is me. All or nothing. My name is Sarah and I’m addicted to cauliflower cheese and books.

Now, if I can just hold off on that Kindle yearning until another supervisory adult is present, that would be a real parenting bonus. I can only assume they’ll make me some cauliflower cheese while they’re at it.

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