yogaI don’t know what I was thinking, except of course that November would never arrive and I’d continue to live without pressure or deadlines or achievement.

That’s not to say posting a mediocre yoga picture is an achievement, but two out of three ain’t bad.

And so I signed up for a November yoga challenge on Instagram.

I did yesterday’s pose, the first day of the month. I was very surprised my feet actually sat up on my legs for my little Buddha pose. I was less surprised at how even though we were in the park on a very bright and sunny afternoon with a beautiful sunset, I still managed to make my photo look dull and grey.

I’m not holding out hope for much improvement today. It’s getting late and there are various obstacles, one of them toddler-sized.

But despite my initial panic and the need for a good 10-15 hours messing around with filters to improve my photos, I’m actually a little bit excited about my ill-thought-out challenge. Foolishly volunteering myself for this discomfort zone might actually improve both my yoga, my photography, and my actually posting to Instagram, which is a rare to non-existent occurrence. #outofmycomfortzone #growth #teaandchocolate

And sure you know what they say; a challenge is as good as an accidental holiday.

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