Does It Spark Joy?

JOYI’ve accidentally read a few books of late that I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen had I been of picky mind. However, I’ve come up with a genius decluttering solution that suits both me, Amazon and the authors of the books I buy.

Sending the free sample to my Kindle.

When I speak of decluttering therefore, it is of the technological division, more specifically the internet and most specifically, the gazillion tabs I used to keep open on my phone.

You see I’m a fiend for clicking through to the many, many, links in posts or articles that I read, happily hitting “open in new tab” more times per page than a pregnant woman pees in a day.

The man brought my attention to it (“you’re nuts”) and what with no time for reading them all and my general intention of decluttering and my attention being forced on my cluttered internet tabs…I thought maybe I should do something about that some day soon.

I started using the few spare minutes I’d get here and there to look at them, so I could read and discard of these posts that are of such high value to my life. The problem there was double pronged. One, I don’t get that many spare minutes for such useless spending and two, it didn’t really work.

Because I’d just open more tabs.

“Yep I’ll just be a minute…coming now…nearly finished, I’ve just got three tabs to look at…no wait, twenty three…oh it’s seventy four, oops actually ninety five…”

Then I’d stop talking and look up in surprise and confusion as my phone was grabbed from my fists, because I really needed to see how that polar bear in underwear fell out of the tree…

Now one of the offenders of open tabs were recommended books which I had yet to have a look at for myself. The Kindle free sample solution releases all decision making and research (being sucked into review after review) as to whether I might enjoy the book, allowing me to lie back in comfort when it suited, and actually read it – either needing to read more or swiftly deleting it and moving on to the next.

And so, with my mind on decluttering, and her not having gotten to the point within the free sample, I’m now reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.

There are a couple of tips so far that I like, but the essential question, as highlighted in the blog post where I read about it, is to ask yourself whether the item in question sparks joy in you.

I like this notion. So much so, in fact, that I’ve decided to relate the question to all areas of my life. Today went swell.

“How was your day Sweetheart?”


“That’s great! Is dinner on?”

“No. Sorting that out didn’t spark joy in me.”

“Ok, I’ll do it now. What’s this?”

“Oh it’s a dustball. They’re everywhere. I was going to hoover, but the idea didn’t spark joy in me.”

“Oh well. Hello son. Woah that’s a full nappy!” (Looks up at me questioningly.)

“Oh yeah, I was going to change it, but the thought of wrestling his poo onto everything wasn’t sparking joy in me.”

“Is this poo?”

“Oh no, that’s melted chocolate,” I explained of the stray blob of food that got spread onto every other food today, glancing up at him from my tab opening, sucking the last bits of chocolate from under my fingernails.

I have to say, I’m feeling great. I highly recommend this book, even if I haven’t gotten around to actually doing any tidying or decluttering as yet – if I’m honest, the whole declutter bit has yet to spark joy…

But it will.

What sparks your joy?

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