And Then All At Once

HEADSTANDSometimes we try and try and try and try. We give our focus, energy, attention and time to a certain project. But what do we get in return? Nothing!

Or so it feels.

But sometimes things happen “slowly, and then all at once,” to use John Green’s poetic likening of falling in love to falling asleep from his best-selling novel The Fault In Our Stars.

This weeks theme seems to be “and then all at once”. It reminds me of my headstand journey where I recently reached quite sudden balancing success. Granted, lying on the couch eating and telling myself “I’d love to be able to do that” doesn’t count as huge effort, but all endeavours will be different.

And when “all at once” occurs, we can move on to reach much dizzier heights of which we’d never even dreamed. I’ll stick with the headstand example for ease of reference.

The other evening I was in the park, practising headstands, and this happened…

HEADSTAND 2“Are you a yoga instructor?”

I laughed so hard I bent over backwards into a crab pose. (No I’m kidding; I can’t nearly do that yet.)
In fairness, unlike these pics taken last month, I was bare-footed and legging-clad on a yoga mat during this absurd interaction (lovely lady, though I would say that).

So I’m here to remind you to keep trucking; that breakthrough could be closer than you think. And once we reach our expectations, there’s nowhere else to go but to exceed them.

And anyway, like they say, if you’re not failing, you’re not trying. And where’s the fun in that?

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