An Accidental Holiday

TIPPThat’s where I’ve been. If you can call motherhood a holiday and replace accidental with “dazed and confused by”.

Although we did also go on holiday. Multiple long weekends away actually for full disclosure’s sake. All that packing and planning of course wasn’t conducive to my blogging, but I’ll take the hit on that one.

Alas I am finally back, in spirit and a small amount of sanity. I’ve been blogging to you all in my head for quite some time now, actually. Towards the end of July I thought, “I really should blog”, and the inner chatter began to roll. September came…and went, and really, I’m not too sure what I have to say for myself there. October brought determination, planning, one of the longer jaunts away, some enjoyable – if total time-wasting – book cover design, followed by head-banging the laptop amid some mild breakdown feelings at the culmination of, er, technological issues. But then I thought, “Holy F*%$! It’s October 30th and a Friday (Friyay!) so I really need to get my shit together and just DO THIS before it’s November and then the year 2020 and then my deathbed, which I imagine will be somewhere around the turn of the century.

And somehow, it happened!

The clarity I was hoping for during my unplanned break is still en route, I can only imagine, but my foggy thoughts have come full circle, so here I am; back sharing my words, still harbouring great plans to take inspiring action, and I suppose hoping that my next novel might get typed out in my sleep, and therefore that there’ll be a next one.

But for now I’m here, blogging.

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